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You have the power to do whatever you put your mind to

It may be hard work but you can accomplish what you desire

One needs to stick with what they want to accomplish try over and over again never give up

There is an old saying if you don’t first succeed try try again

Learn all you can about what you want to accomplish in most causes someone has already achieved it

so learn from what they have done and get a boost toward your target .

How many times did it take Thomas Edison to create the light bulb ?

And keep in mind he never saw it as failure his optimistic attitude told him he was one step closer to success each

time and the fact that he didn’t quit he achieved his goal of creating the light bulb.

Oh yes and how many attempts did it take him to victory, it took him 10,000 times Light Bulb


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I wish you well in all your endeavors,

Armand Scheiffele





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