Bullying Not Cool

It is sad to hear in the news these days that young people are taking their lives due to bullying.

What has the world come to that kids do this to other kids and the victims of this seem to feel they have no options

and make a final bad choice.

Kids need to know they do have other options and it should never push them so far

that they would ever think of taking their life.

The world would be a much better place if people used energy in a positive way and built each other up become a friend,

be a helping hand to someone else.

We need to face it all of us are different but that is not a bad thing we all have different gifts that we were given and we

can always learn skills needed to excel.

We should never degrade another, we were created equal and have a right to be

treated in a decent way.

Lets show some love to each other and rebuild America and the world

The smallest thing you do for another may be huge to them because you took the time to care. Helping each otherStop Bullying Now





Author: armandsscheiffele

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