Test Driving a Car at the Dealer

Do you remember the last

time you test drove a car ?

How did you interact with the salesman and how did they interact with you. So he or she most likely came to you and said hi how can I help you and you probably said I am just looking Then he says if you find something you like what do you have to put down ? Oh so you don’t have a down payment , want to trade your car in on a new one ? So you find a car you like then he says lets step inside and look at some numbers and then they say I have to check with my boss for the best price You mostly won’t be happy when they give you the news So then you make them an offer and see what the boss says about by now you are maybe tired ,hungry and want to go home but darn that car looks good it would even look better in your driveway Then he may say can I have your keys ?

Sure you can take a test drive in

that car but we need a copy of your

drivers license ?????

Ok now you go outside again you are thinking this car is beautiful and I can’t wait to get behind the wheel Car Test Driving Click below and take a look hopefully your experience wasn’t like this http://youtu.be/Q5mHPo2yDG8



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