Personal Accountability

It is hard to understand how we got to where we are today when it comes to personal accountability I remember in the old days if someone did something wrong aka made a mistake, they would take responsibility for their actions and apologize and do their best not to do it again. In this day in time where ever you go if a problem or someone does something wrong most people blame someone else. Example my boss is picking on me because he wrote me up for being late 5 times now , lets break this down was the boss late 5 times and it went on someone else’s record of course not that person automatically blamed it on his or her boss by not taking personal responsibility for their own actions. The other thing is many people these days say Iam going to sue this business or I am going to sue you and some people seem to be looking for that opportunity everyday. I think it is very sad  that this has happened to our society its time that people be men and women and take personal responsibility for their actions and quit blaming every Tom, John or Sally for things they know they did themselves. And just like other distasteful words that shouldn’t be said I think the sue word should be on the list People we all make mistakes sooner or later but me must fess up and say I did it Iam sorry and move on it will make us better and stronger as a country. I wish you and your family well and may our future be great

Armand Scheiffele



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