Stock Market 2016

2015_8$largeimg15_Aug_2015_064526847The stock market has been going crazy the last few weeks mainly down and down large

amounts at a time.This shouldn’t be a surprise because this always happens on a

presidential election year .

The difference is the stock market is going lower than normal

due to several other things happening around the world.Oil is going way down,different

currencies are all over the charts and many more things we might not know about at this time.

One thing that is good if history repeats itself again all of the stocks will come back to

where they were and maybe even higher.Thank goodness this also is the case with

housing however  it tends to take a lot longer to recover.

home business



Hey its Friday

Why people are thinking and saying thank goodness its Friday

Have you ever thought why we say that line ?

We had a busy week

We are extra tired

We had a very stressful week

All work and no play makes us dull people

I am sure it is different for each person however it could be a little bit of all those things too.

We all need our rest

Time to get involved in family activities

Time to exercise

Time to do chores

Time to do errands

Whatever your happy thing is you do while you are on your days off

Have you thought of ever being your own boss the man or woman in charge ?

I am talking about having your own Home Business

Are you computing now with your current job ?

Are you spending a lot of money in gas ?

Are you spending a lot on repairs on your vehicle ?

Are you wearing a car out every 3 to 5 years ?

Are you having trouble getting out of bed in the morning to get ready for work ?

Just think if you didn’t have to go anywhere each unless you wanted

I am talking about your own home Business

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Armand Scheiffele

Put Other People First

The first thing we say to ourselves why should I put other people first ?

Its a funny thing but when we put other people first it does a few power things

1. It makes you feel good

2. It makes the other person feel valuable and loved

3.God will help you because you helped others

Acts of kindness are as great way to show your generosity to others

You could pay for someone’s parking at a big event

You could pay for the person behind you ticket to a movie

You could buy someone behind you lunch

You could give people quarters at a laundry mat

You could give someone less fortunate some money

The list goes on and on but it is all good when you help others

Helping each other

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Personal Accountability

It is hard to understand how we got to where we are today when it comes to personal accountability I remember in the old days if someone did something wrong aka made a mistake, they would take responsibility for their actions and apologize and do their best not to do it again. In this day in time where ever you go if a problem or someone does something wrong most people blame someone else. Example my boss is picking on me because he wrote me up for being late 5 times now , lets break this down was the boss late 5 times and it went on someone else’s record of course not that person automatically blamed it on his or her boss by not taking personal responsibility for their own actions. The other thing is many people these days say Iam going to sue this business or I am going to sue you and some people seem to be looking for that opportunity everyday. I think it is very sad  that this has happened to our society its time that people be men and women and take personal responsibility for their actions and quit blaming every Tom, John or Sally for things they know they did themselves. And just like other distasteful words that shouldn’t be said I think the sue word should be on the list People we all make mistakes sooner or later but me must fess up and say I did it Iam sorry and move on it will make us better and stronger as a country. I wish you and your family well and may our future be great

Armand Scheiffele


Foot In Mouth

How often do you slip and say the wrong thing at the worst possible timeFoot in Mouth

I believe everyone does this at one time or another I know I do

It has a tendency to make you feel terrible Foot In Mouth

I think sometimes we say the wrong thing by mistake by thinking one thing

and speak the wrong words by accident.

Some people just don’t think and say random words that are hurt fool with the

same result.

Its definitely something we should work on to have better relationships

I just thought of another deal breaker  Feelings

How often are you listening to someone but not really listening and the reason

you aren’t listing is because you are thinking of what you want to say instead

We need to practice becoming better listeners

I wish you well in future conversations and relationships 🙂

Armand Scheiffele


Act of Kindness

When I see an Act of Kindness in such a big way it is very heart warming

First of all this young man prepared for this for an entire year and the end       Acts of kindness

result was not to touch the live of one two or three people like most of us

He was reaching out to all the girls in his school ladies and gentlemen this

is huge there is close to 1100 girls in his school and he reached them all.

He stated that he didn’t want even one girl sad on Valentines Day

This young man worked several jobs to get the money necessary to

make this plan come to life.

It makes me think how many people could actually pull off something like

this even having the money and even having more time. Iam thinking

not many.

And to top it all off he stated he was short $140 but the Lord made it

come to him on time to complete this major plan to make every girl in

that school feel loved and feel special and or valuable.

I feel this young man is a hero for thinking of this thoughtful act

and working hard for one year to be able to make it happen.

The world would be a better place if more people thought like this

young man.

I congratulate you for a job well done you’re an inspiration to all of us

I believe the Lord will have you doing many amazing things in your life

God Bless you and all the people you have and will touch in the future

Armand Scheiffele