Act of Kindness

When I see an Act of Kindness in such a big way it is very heart warming

First of all this young man prepared for this for an entire year and the end       Acts of kindness

result was not to touch the live of one two or three people like most of us

He was reaching out to all the girls in his school ladies and gentlemen this

is huge there is close to 1100 girls in his school and he reached them all.

He stated that he didn’t want even one girl sad on Valentines Day

This young man worked several jobs to get the money necessary to

make this plan come to life.

It makes me think how many people could actually pull off something like

this even having the money and even having more time. Iam thinking

not many.

And to top it all off he stated he was short $140 but the Lord made it

come to him on time to complete this major plan to make every girl in

that school feel loved and feel special and or valuable.

I feel this young man is a hero for thinking of this thoughtful act

and working hard for one year to be able to make it happen.

The world would be a better place if more people thought like this

young man.

I congratulate you for a job well done you’re an inspiration to all of us

I believe the Lord will have you doing many amazing things in your life

God Bless you and all the people you have and will touch in the future

Armand Scheiffele




Valentines Day

Valentines Day                        Valentines day 7

The day to give that special someone in your life a unique valentine card

Valentines Day you may give the gift of chocolates

You may give the gift of flowers

It may be the gift of jewelry

It might even be a surprise dinner for just the two of you in a restaurant with low lights or candle light

The day to show your Valentine they are the one and only person for you

Valentines Day 8

Valentines Day 13

May you have a wonderful Valentines Day

The Eve of SuperBowl XLIX 2015

Its no secret that there has been question of a particular situation in the last game played that has lead to two teams that will be playing in the SuperBowl tommorow.

Iam am sure everyone is wondering what team will win the highest honor for a team in football.

There will be pros and cons among friends and family and even casual conversation about who will win.

Another group will be getting excited to see the new commericals this year.

Yet another group can’t wait for the different types of food to be unvailed to consume.

Of course some will enjoy all those things put together which is the overall experience.

There is yet another group that have or will be placing wagers on their favorite team.

SomeSuperBowl 2015 may be getting their vocal cords ready to tell the players how they should have played the last ball and with a statement like what an the —- is wrong with you.

Well my hope for SuperBowl XLIX  is that it is a safe ,fair,enjoyable game that everyone is able to relax and spend time with family and friends.


Armand Scheiffele


Missing Budweiser Dog has Returned

I am happy to say that the Missing Budweiser Dog has Returned

The dog under went several challenges but stayed strong and used

his skills of sent hearing and survival to find his way.

There is one more point I must add he couldn’t have done it all on

his own but achieved with with a little help from his friends.

One of his last challenges without his friends help his would have been

another dinner. Thank Goodness for Friends

Again I am very happy to say the Missing Budweiser Dog has Returned

I have attached a video so you can watch his trials and his Return

PS : Have you heard of being at the right place at the right time

This will help you 🙂


Armand Scheiffele


Missing Budweiser Dog from Super Bowl Commerical ?

It has been released that the Budweiser dog from Super Bowl last year is missing ?

Does anyone have any idea were this cute little dog would be ?

It seems as though he vanished in thin air

They have have shown pictures of posting lost dog posters

Do you think this could be a pre-Super Bowl advertisement ploy ?

Well no matter what the situation is I hope the little guy is doing well and is found before

this years Super Bowl

I have attached last years Super Bowl commercial to remind you of the dog or maybe you will

see it for the first time its a cute video

PS : Have you heard of being at the right place at the right time

This will help you 🙂


Armand Scheiffele


Test Driving a Car at the Dealer

Do you remember the last

time you test drove a car ?

How did you interact with the salesman and how did they interact with you. So he or she most likely came to you and said hi how can I help you and you probably said I am just looking Then he says if you find something you like what do you have to put down ? Oh so you don’t have a down payment , want to trade your car in on a new one ? So you find a car you like then he says lets step inside and look at some numbers and then they say I have to check with my boss for the best price You mostly won’t be happy when they give you the news So then you make them an offer and see what the boss says about by now you are maybe tired ,hungry and want to go home but darn that car looks good it would even look better in your driveway Then he may say can I have your keys ?

Sure you can take a test drive in

that car but we need a copy of your

drivers license ?????

Ok now you go outside again you are thinking this car is beautiful and I can’t wait to get behind the wheel Car Test Driving Click below and take a look hopefully your experience wasn’t like this