New Year 2017

We are on our way through another year is it just me or are these years just flying by ?

The beginning of the year is always odd  for a couple of reasons 1. getting back in the grove

after the holidays.2. getting use to writing the new year on everything checks,papers and

anything else that may require a date.

I wish you and your family a wonderful New Year,





Helping EachOther

Helping EachOther

We all need someone to help us some time in life.You can say I don’t need anyone to help me well if that is the way you feel you are kidding yourself.

You start off by being born and you have help from your Mother, Father or whoever else helped to raise you.Then you start taking care of youself then later you will get help from a friend,girl friend or wife.Later in life you may need someone to help you with a physcial situation moving large objects ect.You many also need someone for advice and that may intail them going through a similar situation,and this can be very valuable because you may be able to skip some parts that the other person had to endure.

Helping EachOther is a wonderful thing

Helping each other

The Eve of SuperBowl XLIX 2015

Its no secret that there has been question of a particular situation in the last game played that has lead to two teams that will be playing in the SuperBowl tommorow.

Iam am sure everyone is wondering what team will win the highest honor for a team in football.

There will be pros and cons among friends and family and even casual conversation about who will win.

Another group will be getting excited to see the new commericals this year.

Yet another group can’t wait for the different types of food to be unvailed to consume.

Of course some will enjoy all those things put together which is the overall experience.

There is yet another group that have or will be placing wagers on their favorite team.

SomeSuperBowl 2015 may be getting their vocal cords ready to tell the players how they should have played the last ball and with a statement like what an the —- is wrong with you.

Well my hope for SuperBowl XLIX  is that it is a safe ,fair,enjoyable game that everyone is able to relax and spend time with family and friends.


Armand Scheiffele